Chill Space [T-HOUSE]

Chill Space [T-HOUSE]

Welcome to

I am very grad to support that you can enjoy Okinawa island trip and chill out at my house for energized activity tomorrow.

This website gives you very helpful google maps for you.

The I who is local person and also here T-HOUSE owner provide maps including my recommendable shopping place, eating place and so on.
Do not forget to check very famous place also on it.
These maps are available for only you who stay here T-HOUSE.

If you find something interested in on the maps, try to check it and go to explore!!

As you seen, here T-HOUSE is located at convenient place not only around Yomitan area but also entire Okinawa island.

Thanks a lot.

You can find out MAPs via MENU above.

I prepared two types of maps
T-HOUSE area map (Yomitan)
Okinawa island map